Plantet is a 100% plant-based meal kits and groceries network for people on a plant-based diet and those exploring the possibility of a plant-based diet.
Planet offer three different tiers of subscriptions. No matter where you are on your plant-based diet journey, we are here for you! Meal Kits tier includes the exact amount of ingredients for you to recreate four new chef-curated vegan dinners every week. With the detailed instruction, even a novice cook can nail it! Next, we introduce you to Meal Kits Plus. It is designed for those who wish to try new recipes but want to reduce re-packaging waste. Your weekly boxes will have everything you need for these Plantet-exclusive dinners and a bit extra for your other home cooking adventures. And if you are not looking for meal kits at all, fear not, Plantnet offers a grocery-only tier that delivers high-quality, ethically sourced fresh produce, snack, and bakery items to your doorsteps.

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